Panorama Classic New
The rooms "PANORAMA CLASSIC NEW" are double or triple rooms on the first and second floors with the view to the valley or to the hotel atrium. The most rooms are with balconies. These rooms have standard hotel equipment; it means TV-set and their own WC and shower. There is a hair dryer and a cabinet for toilet articles in every bathroom. The rooms were rebuilt in 2009, 2010 and 2011. There is a large lift, which is appropriate for handicapped people, too, in our hotel.

Classic - pokoj Classic - koupelna

Panorama Superior

The rooms "PANORAMA SUPERIOR" are rooms with high accommodation standard. Although they are - based on the official hotel classification - included to the hotel rooms with 3-stars-standard, they correspondent by most of their parameters with the standard of four stars. The beds sized of 2x2 meters, a refrigerator, a room safe, well designed interior of the room, fixed Internet access, a TV-set, a luxury bathroom with a shower and first of all the exclusive view far from all balconies of the rooms PANORAMA SUPERIOR will make You really happy. There is a large lift , which is appropriate for handicapped people, too, in our hotel. One of the rooms PANORAMA SUPERIOR is specially determined for handicapped people. It has no balcony and it is a single room with and it is possible, if required, to put there in any other "normal" bed.

Superior - pokoj Superior - koupelna

Family Studios

The rooms with the title FAMILY STUDIOS can be also titled as a "family cell". There are two double rooms in the studio and they have a mutual small corridor, which leads to the hotel corridor. There is the entrance to the WC and to the bathroom in the small corridor. The bathroom is equipped by a wash-bowl and by a shower.

The Family Studios are ideal for the families with children (there is a possibility - in the frame of one cell - for 3 children to sleep in one room on a fixed bed and for the parents in the other room). These rooms are appropriate and used also for accommodation of small collectives. There are roof windows in the Family Studios. There is a large lift, which is appropriate for handicapped people, in our hotel, too.

Accomodation Price List 2019

Wellness Hotel Panorama****
1/1 single room 1.490,- (per person and night)
1/1 single room 1690,- (per person and night )
1/2 double room 1.980,- (990,- per person and night)
1/2 double room 2.380,- (1190,- per person and night )
1/3 triple room 2.640,- (880,- per person and night, child 704,- per night)
1/4 family studio = 2 rooms ..... 3.560,- (890,- per person and night, child 712,- per night)
1/1 SUPERIOR 990,- (per person and night)

Extra bed
possibility in the rooms CLASSIC NEW and SUPERIOR ...... 550,- (per person and night)

The prices are including buffet breakfast and VAT.
Parking is for free, just as the internet line in the rooms and WiFi in the hotel. There is possibility to use PC in our internet corner.

Entry to the outdoor swimming pool!
The multi-puspose grass playground is free for our guests.
The bicycles stowage is free for our guests. 
Daily summer programs are free for our guests.
(during the summer season: live music in the atrium, children disco, camp fire, grilling sausages and hot dogs, pianist, film running, BBQ)
The children paradise and toys are free for our guests.
(swings, slipway, kiddie rides, sandpit, children games, summer zoo-corner .... )
Internet access is free for our guests!
Parking at the hotel is free for our guests.

The advance payments
The advance (proforma) invoices are elaborated as a standard payment way, namely for ordered wellness stays, holiday and company actions. The advance payment is usually 50 % of the total price.
After the realization of the advance payment the order is binding for both of contracting parties.

Why do we ask advance payments?
Our accommodation capacity is not as big as you can think.
In case of reservations we do not do the so called "over-booking" and each of our guests, which has a ordinary reservation, is welcomed and accommodated in our hotel on the agreed day. We respect all orders very carefully and that is why we have to refuse other clients.
This our approach asks also a reliable decision on the client´s side.
We have good experiences from the praxis that only an advance payment can express the real interest of our clients in our services in agreed date(s).
Our clients do not mind it and they respect this system ... and we have used this system for many years.
Usually by payment of an advance payment the reservation becomes to be binding.

By payment of an advance payment the client expresses his/her agreement with possible contractual penalty - cancellation fee:
- cancellation in 20 - 14 days in advance : contractual penalty (cancellation fee) of 20% of ordered accommodation services
- cancellation in 13 - 7 days in advance : contractual penalty (cancellation fee) of 30% of ordered accommodation services
- cancellation in less than 7 days in advance : contractual penalty (cancellation fee) of 50% of ordered accommodation services


Tennis court 130,-- CZK/ hour
Billiard 50,-- CZK/ hour
Sticks for NORDIC WALKING 60,-- CZK/day (rent the sticks)
Internet access( also WIFI ) free

Washing + ironing the cloths CZK/ piece

30,- underwear, socks, napkins and other small pieces …
50,-CZK/ piece - training suits, T-shirts, training jackets
70,-CZK/ piece - shirts, trousers, sweaters
(The ironing desk and the iron can be borrowed free at the hotel reception)

accommodation of a dog, cat or another pet ..... 200,-- CZK/night (valid only for the rooms PANORAMA CLASSIC NEW)

Summer holiday zoo-corner









If you are interested in concrete services, we can recommend you to ask for the price list. We retain the possibility of price changes.


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masáž lávovými kameny


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dopřejte si hydromasáž
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