Češkovice Tavern
The Češkovice Tavern is a title of the hotel restaurant in the Wellness Hotel Panorama. The restaurant with its wooden interior makes an impression to you as a traditional village small pub and it consists from three rooms - from a Hunter Lounge, from the Yellow Lounge and from the main restaurant room with the taproom and breakfast buffet. The maximal capacity of the restaurant is 120 sitting places. From May till October, our summer terrace is in order with the box and lava grills (the garden restaurant has a capacity of 40 places in the covered part) and also the served outside room in the hotel atrium round the fireplace with its room capacity of more than 100 next guests.
Price Lists, Menu & Wine List

The menu of Češkovice Tavern is based on a standard offer, supplemented by favourite home meal (ready-made meals) of the Czech Cuisine. There is the beef goulash of Češkovice with potato pancake, marinated beef tend or stuffed beef rolls in the menu. Quite wide offer of the meals, which includes all meat kinds, contents also vegetarian meals and specialities as e. g. soup in the bread cup, which is made specially for the Češkovice Tavern by a original small family bakery in near Ráječko-village. Meal of more dishes can be closed by potato dumplings with poppy or by grandmother’s pancake with hot damson-cheese and poppy. You can have for dessert a sherbet glass during the summer period. What is interesting, is the fact that we have not forget neither your pets - dogs and cats - in our restaurant.

Our hotel is in project HOLIDAY WITHOUT GLUTEN. Don ´t forget to inform us about gluten-free diet in your order!

Since ancient times some peasant buildings have stood in these areas. Location “Češkovice” in the old maps called Tesckowitz has been according to accessible sources, a place of farming and dwelling a quiet place, offering beautiful views of countryside. In the second half of the 20th century gardeners and cottagers took a fancy in the location of “Češkovice” and on the hillside of the pond and a passing stream they built a few huts, cottages and weekend houses. In the 80’s of the last century there was built a hotel called Panorama along the road, in the place of two old farming manors of the Slezak’s and Skotak’s family, where our “Češkovice inn” can be found. The vault is the only remaining part from the original farming buildings. Historically the last deed was the beginning of construction of family houses in the fields which originally belonged to Češkovice manors. Fundamental stone of “Garden Town” was laid down by I. Lachman and B. Pospíšil in November 1994. Since 1991 each social event in Češkovice has had every right to be associated with the hotel Panorama. All summer programs, social events, New Year’s Eve celebration and other different programs do the Panorama hotel a centre of social and sport life not only for people of Češkovice. Us, who complete with good dishes and drinks Češkovice atmosphere of comfort, would like to thank you for your visit and say…

" Welcome in our Češkovice Tavern!"

Menu of drinks and meals
The drinking menu is standard and quite rich and during the season filled by season offers directly on the tables.
The wine menu is based first of all on the Czech wines of first quality, namely in the scale, where you can find for you the right wine mark. Glass wines are purchased from Austrian wine grower Fritz Pittner. The wines (white and red) are in very good quality and for very good price. Regarding non-alcoholic drinks - our focal point is coffee, which quality and taste is very important for us.


Specials & Gastro-Specials
Thanks to very good room possibilities (2 halls + 6 lounges) and thanks to the large gastronomic equipment for deals preparation and for keeping the dishes warm or cold, we are able to fulfil generally all wishes of our clients in case of realization of a wedding, of family celebrations, company actions etc.

The main "treasury" of the Wellness Hotel Panorama is - in this point of view - the hotel staff, which is very stable and of first quality and which had wan already in the past many experiences, realizing of hundreds of company and private actions, wedding parties, barbecues and parties ….. We have to mention that in May 2008 we were able to guarantee to full satisfaction of our guests board of several days in conditions of "porgy cuisine", which can belong to the best examples of our skills. We have experiences, which can make realization of your imaginations easies. Incidentally…….. persuade yourselves!

Weddings, Feasts and Social Activities

Everybody, who decides to realize a wedding or a family celebration party out of home, can have arranged it in our hotel. Our prices are as same as in the near restaurants and often also better than you would expect in a hotel. Our "Češkovice Tavern" is easily as same as the others .... we are just partial to cleanness, nice surrounding and 100% fulfilment of all promises, which we give to our guests. There is no extra fee for this service for our clients .... but it is very important.

A big advantage of our offer is that we have complete own service equipment for 140 persons .... it means from heated desk for preparation of the meals through heated dishes (bins, bowls) for parties ... to two variations of dinner sets or wooden "bier" for serving of grilled meat . We have also a mobile lava grill, a mobile taproom and we do not have any problems to realize a part of "your party" outside in our nice hotel atrium.

If you have arranged your wedding or family celebration in our hotel and if you use our services (meal + drinks), you obviously do not pay any room rent. You can supply your own sweets, decorations and fruits in advance. Neither in this case you pay any room rent.
Only in case you consume drinks or meals, prepared in our hotel, the room rent and eventually also service price are negotiated in advance in a standard height. This way of services is not usual in our hotel and that is why we do not offer it usually.

We are able to realize also the actions/events, which are not standard and which require - considering various traditions and habits - a specific access. In May 2008 we cooked for our guests in "porgy regime" for several days. We realize weddings, which need the non-alcoholic regime, too, and we are able to deal with specific requirements for special quality of meat. We have elaborated a special general system of client’s orders for realization of parties; thanks to it our client knows exactly "what" and in what quantity will be on warm and cold party table. Everything is a matter of our client’s wish, of our cookery skills and of financial possibilities of the submitter.

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